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Sedation dentist Dr. Weber in Gainesville, GA

Sedation dentist Dr. Weber is happy to provide all patients at Weber Family Dental with the option to have their next procedure performed while being sedated. This is a wonderful option for anybody who is fearful or has anxiety about seeing the dentist for any reason.

For some people, the thought of visiting the dental office brings chills down the spine. This can even lead some people to avoid the dental office and their regular check-ups. Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for anybody with the following symptoms:

  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Painful Teeth
  • Fear or anxiety about the dentist office
  • Stress
  • Fear of Needles
  • Bad Gag Reflex
  • Bad Past Dental Experiences
  • Limited Time
  • Mobility Difficulties
  • Hard to Get Numb

Dog is sleeping on the sand near Red SeaIf you have anxiety about seeing the dentist, or if you are afraid of the dental office, sedation dentistry may be the best option for you. Sedation dentist Dr. Weber wants to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible, and sedation dentistry is an option that can make that happen.

Dr. Weber provides patients with sedation dentistry so that the fear and anxiety of visiting the dental office is managed. Through sedation dentistry, Dr. Weber is able to correct all your dental problems while you are as comfortable as possible.

As a sedation dentist, Dr. Weber will ensure you will be sedated enough so that you will feel sleepy, but comfortable. Sedation dentistry does not make you sleep. In fact during sedation dentistry, you will be awake and able to respond to commands.

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful solution for your dental office anxiety because it allows you to have all your dental procedures performed without discomfort.

Woman sleeping on grassIf you are having sedation dentistry performed, then you will need to arrive at Weber Family Dental with a friend or family member that can drive you to and from the procedure.

After your sedation dentistry procedure, you will be groggy, and you will not be able to operate your car, so you will need someone to transport you. Many patients find that sedation dentistry is a very pleasant experience because memory of the dentist visit is cloudy, and there is no pain associated with their treatments.

For a complimentary sedation dentistry consultation, call or email us today to schedule an appointment with sedation dentist Dr. Weber in Gainesville, GA.

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