To Chew Or Not To Chew In Gainesville

Hello Gainesville gum chewers, today we’re going to talk about that sticky wad in your mouth. You know that it can freshen your breath, but can it really help prevent cavities?

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3 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Happy, Gainesville!

Today I would like to talk about something else associated with our mouths that doesn’t get as much attention as cavities or cosmetic dentistry: it’s our sense of taste.

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Tooth Whitening Dentistry In Gainesville

Tooth whitening has really taken off in Gainesville. It has become a popular dental procedure and can provide excellent results if done properly.

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Do You Love Your Smile?

If nature didn’t bless you with attractive teeth, you are not alone. Most perfect smiles you come across in Athens, Cumming, and Gainesville, GA were not always that way. They are the result of cosmetic dentistry performed by an experienced Gainesville cosmetic dentist.

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Successful Smiles in Gainesville GA

How do you feel about the smile you present to the world? Are you comfortable with the color of your teeth? Would you like to straighten your teeth? Do have teeth with chips and cracks?

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Gainesville GA Porcelain Veneers

One of the breakthroughs in Gainesville cosmetic dentistry is porcelain veneers. Thousands of Cumming, Norcross, and Gainesville smile restoration clients who have received traditional veneers are happy with the results.

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Dental Crowns at Weber Family Dental in Gainesville

Dental crowns have been used in dentistry for over 2000 years. There is evidence that the Etruscans experimented with crowns on teeth using ivory and bone as early as 700 B.C. By 200 A.D., they began using gold crowns to construct artificial teeth. Ancient Egyptians fashioned tooth replacements out of seashells and then hammered them into their gums (Oral sedation, anyone?).

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Find A Dentist

Studies are showing an ever increasing number of Gainesville consumers are turning to their Internet connection to find a dentist. To find a dentist online can mean more than just a name and a phone number; many dentists, like us, have additional information on their website that will help you gain a better understanding of their practice and the services they provide.

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Looking For A Dentist In Gainesville

If you are new to the area and are looking for a Gainesville dentist, please come by my dentist office. I will be happy to spend some time with you to get to know you, and to introduce you to our warm and friendly office staff.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening procedures performed by a dental professional achieve dramatic results that last far longer than other treatments.

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